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Health Wise Clinic


Family health clinic, unique focus on lifestyle and chronic disease management in addition to regular services: child health, women's health, diabetes, heart risk, asthma clinics etc. Visit us also for weight loss, smoking/alcohol risk, health check up, sexual health/ contraception/ child planning advice etc.

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Table Showing How To Keep To Low Risk Drinking Limits And Watch Alcohol Calories...
#healthcheckups #healthwiseindian #Diet #Indians #DietFacts #WeightLoss #Diabetics #BloodPressure
Table Showing How To Keep To Low Risk Drinking Limits And Watch Alcohol Calories... #healthcheckups #healthwiseindian #Diet #Indians #DietFacts #WeightLoss #Diabetics #BloodPressure
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Child health consult
Child health consult INR 300 INR 300 Comprehensive child health services including growth monitoring, vaccination, screening for hearing, vision, developmental and learning disorders, height, BMI monitoring, nutritional status and early lifestyle risk testing and advice on diet plan, fitness and healthy habits True 1494395970
Diabetes health check up and management program
Diabetes health check up and management program INR 4500 INR 4500 Includes thorough evaluation of the diabetic patient, not only sugar levels but the heart, kidney, eye and other systems effected by diabetes, along with complete health check up offered for all adults including bone, cancer screening etc. Post check up counselling along the lines of DSME (Daibetes Self Management Education), which allows patient to take charge of managing their diabetes Diabetic diet plan (with or without weight loss), Fitness program Managing additional risks of smoking and drinking in diabetes Check out the details on True 1494398898
Diabetes doctor consult
Diabetes doctor consult INR 500 INR 500 Dr Binita's diabetes consult is not only about drugs and investigations but also helps you understand and manage your diabetes on your own terms, monitor the most important ABCs of diabetes and choose your diet and exercise to cope happily with your diabetes True 1494411566
Women's health consult
Women's health consult INR 300 INR 300 Consult for problems in periods, pain, discharge, swelling or growth, PCOD, difficulty in conceiving, menopause, etc. Pre conception consult and check up (if you are planning to have a baby) Family planning / contraception consult Pregnancy/ANC care True 1492775059
HWI Preventive consult
HWI Preventive consult INR 500 INR 500 Get a comprehensive health assessment and lifestyle management advice (diet plan, fitness plan, vaccine plan and health check up/follow up test plan, smoking/alcohol risk management) Especially suitable if you have had a health check up in last 3 years, come with the reports True 1492775705
Adult Vaccination Consult
Adult Vaccination Consult INR 300 INR 300 Get a vaccination program, suitable for adults, based on your lifestyle and health risks. Vaccines recommended for adults are MMR, Chicken Pox, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid etc. which can prevent life threatening conditions such as complications in pregnancy and malformed fetus, liver failure and cancer, intestinal perforation etc. True 1492777396
HealthWise  check up & lifestyle/health risk management consult
HealthWise check up & lifestyle/health risk management consult INR 3500 INR 3500 This program begins with a comprehensive check up, which is customized as per your body parameters, lifestyle risks and family history etc. . After reports a 360 degree health profile is created and lifestyle advice, vaccination advice and of course medications as per need are prescribed by Dr Binita Priyambada We offer weight loss, quit smoking, vaccination and activity plan all based on this health check up For details, check out: True 1492178980
Quit Smoking/Quit tobacco Program
Quit Smoking/Quit tobacco Program INR 3000 INR 1500 The 'Quit Smoking' Program at HealthWise Clinic is designed as per the WHO protocol and includes six-eight sessions with Dr Binita, face-to-face or video sessions, in which she would assess you for nicotine dependence, help you plan nicotine replacement and/or drug therapy for smokingtobacco cessation, help you make a plan for starting and maintaining your quit attempt. If done correctly, nearly 70% of people as successful in quitting smoking True 1496316531
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